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Prettify Web is a leading Website Development Service in Gurgaon, offering a wide range of custom-built websites, web portals and web applications. We utilize cutting edge technologies, advanced frameworks and verified procedures to guarantee that our solutions are future-ready and scalable for you. Many people confuse website designing and development; website designing has a lot to do with appearance while development part is generally connected with backend and structure. We are a team of professional and skilled website developers who can build your application according to your requirements.

Prettify Website Development Process


Any project should begin with a plan. We initially conclude your website structure by taking your inputs of feedbacks and the contributions of our development group. This initial step guarantees that things run as expected when the cycle begins. Prior bouncing into the coding part, we make flow charts that comprehensively show points of route and how any client would connect with the application.

Flow Structure

Whenever the flowchart is finished, we separate the website into 3 unique viewpoints called models perspectives and regulators. These 3 perspectives are taken care of by 2 distinct groups at prettify web. The Controllers and Models are dealt with by developers while the perspectives part is dealt with by the designers.

Designing and Development

After the work is relegated, the designers and developers work pair to construct the website. A project coordinator is likewise selected who is answerable for the result of the undertaking. He is likewise the resource.


In addition to the fact that we take inputs from you at the beginning, yet additionally during the development time frame. We cautiously consolidate your input into the project structure to guarantee that the ideal result is accomplished.


No code is perfect; we test our projects completely before we hand it out to you. We initially go for white box testing, which is basically trying by a chipped away at the individual task. We then, at that point, do genuine testing additionally called black-box testing. This ensures that the project is tested in genuine circumstances. The individual testing doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the code of the site. Thereafter, a pilot run is finished.


Whenever everything is tested and refined, we push your project live. We offer full help during this significant period. We cautiously save a watch for any issues that might emerge during this time.


, Prettifyweb
Website development, we require the website builders which has following subcategories:
  1. Free web development software
  2. Automated WYSIWYG Editors
  3. Adobe Flash 4C
  4. HTML Editors WAMP
  5. Website service development tools
We Develop websites according to Industries
  • Ecommerce
  • Real Estate
  • Food & Beverages
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Banking & Finance
  • Education & E-learning
  • Fashion & Apparels
  • Travel and Tourism

Why choose our Website Development Services for your business?

We want to help ambitious businesses, for example, yours to create more benefits by utilizing amazing websites, driving natural traffic to your site and expanding in general deals. As the specialists in this industry, we guarantee to foster a site that can enamor your ideal interest group and assist with obtaining footing. To have an ideal site that is not difficult to get to, and attainable while perusing on different perusing gadgets, we are hanging around for you with our very much custom fitted administrations. Allow us to lead your site into the spotlight in today’s digital world.