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A website designing company in Gurgaon has a team of different experts who are often involved in developing websites and entire web projects. While outsiders easily understand many roles in such a team, the difference between web designers and web programmers is not clear to many people. We want to briefly examine both parts and illustrate the differences between the two activities. What exactly does the web designer do when developing a website? A few years ago, the web designer in many companies was the one who created and designed a website entirely by himself and even published it on the Internet. Due to the specialization of the tasks in recent years, this is no longer the case today. What exactly does the web designer still do today in the process of website development? Today the web designer is primarily responsible for all graphic elements of the website. He ensures that the design of the website is uniform. He creates and edits images, logos, and all graphical elements that can be seen on the website. He carries out the tasks of the other people involved in the website development and advises the team from the start on how the websites to be created should look.

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